Once Upon A Moose

Moosehead has a long and storied history. Since 1867 we’ve survived two fires, expanded our line of beers and began distributing worldwide. But, believe it or not, we had very humble beginnings.

1870: The dream lives on

John Oland’s untimely death forces Susannah to sell the brewery. The fact that there’s a Moosehead in your fridge today proves that nothing could keep this woman from making beer. Seven years later, the godmother of beer was back in business as S. Oland, Sons and Co.

1876: In the brewing business

Behind the walls of this humble brewery, Susannah turned her ale from a household Oland classic into a household name in Halifax. With husband John and 9 employees, they named the upstart The Army and Navy Brewery – after its most appreciative customers.

1878: Trial by fires

After just eight years of brewing, Susannah and her sons lose their brewery twice to a brewer’s worst nightmare – fire. It’s these early hardships that made Moosehead as strong as it is today.

1886: The Next Generation Rebuilds

The great woman behind a special beer passes away. Her sons John Jr., Conrad and George carry on the tradition. Raise a Moosehead to that! The boys lead the company into the next century as the Maritime Brewing & Malting Co.

1917: Disaster strikes

Two things the Olands had were great beer and resilience. In what was known as the Halifax Harbour Explosion, the city and Oland brewery were destroyed. Conrad dies and his brother John is injured.

1918: Starting Over

Most people would’ve packed up their barley and gone home. George Oland packed up his barley and went to New Brunswick. With insurance money, he and his sons bought another brewery and bounced right back.

1928: On A Roll In Saint John

With luck and a great product on his side, George and his New Brunswick Brewery buy a second, larger brewery in Saint John that’s the site of the present-day operation. Lucky city.

1931: Birth Of An Icon

Finally, the Moose we’ve all come to know and love makes an appearance as George launches Moosehead Pale Ale. The Moosehead brand has cemented the Oland’s place in Canadian brewing history.

1937: A Legend Launched

There’s a new addition to the Oland family. It’s Alpine Lager. To get a taste of the award-winning brew, go east to any Maritime bar or beer store, where it’s a tradition.

1947: More Than A Brand – A Brewery

After the success of Moosehead Pale Ale, the Oland-owned brewery changes its name one last time to one we’re all familiar with – Moosehead Breweries Ltd. Long live the Moose.

1962: All In The Family

Moosehead Breweries welcomes the fourth generation of Oland family members inside its brewery walls. It makes you think about how much fun Oland family get-togethers must be.

1978: The Moose Set Loose

Holding the lion’s share of the Maritime beer market, the company looks to grow. Restricted from expanding across Canada, Brewery President Philip Oland launches Moosehead Lager in the United States.

1982: Going Global

Derek Oland takes his spot as Head Moose, and President of Moosehead Breweries Limited. Under his leadership, Moosehead Breweries starts thinking globally and Moose sightings begin rolling in from around the world. Finally the world has the perfect beer to enjoy in the great outdoors. FYI, Elche is Moose in German.

1992: Cheers From Sea To Sea

Inter-provincial trade barriers that have prevented Moosehead Beers from freely travelling across Canada are finally lifted. Moose prints start making impressions in bars and backyards across the country.

2005: Toast Of The World

Moosehead Lager wins Gold at the prestigious Monde Selection. This follows Gold medals at the World Beer Cup and 2003 Canadian Brewing Awards. Enough accolades to make even a moose blush.

2008: Generation Six Takes The Helm

Derek Oland’s son Andrew assumes the Presidency of Moosehead Breweries Limited – now Canada’s oldest and largest independent brewery.